Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Symphony at Musikverein

After shopping in the morning we headed to Vienna on the train around 3pm. The children's concert started at 7pm. Our plan was to ride the train into Vienna, look around the city for a while, have a cup of coffee and then head to the symphony. We were able to accomplish all of our goals but it was hectic. The children enjoyed the street musicians, the cafe and they LOVED the symphony. The kids were very tired on the train ride home and were eager to go to bed.

The kids loved this cafe. It is in the center of Vienna and has wonderful desserts. The music in the background is a gentleman on the piano. After finishing our snack we headed to the symphony. We past some street musicians on the way. The video gives you a feel for the city.

The Vienna Symphony was amazing. I'm attaching a video of the symphony playing Edward Grieg and Peer Gynt. Suite Nr.1, op.46. I took the video before I saw the no cameras sign. I was very discreet. ; )

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