Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday in Vienna

We rode the train into Vienna from Moeling. We packed a lunch and headed for the train station around 10:30. Mary and Adrian ran ahead and enjoyed a beautiful spring morning. Once we arrived at the Palace, Jutta and I took a tour (no pictures allowed) and Adrian, Mary and Karl enjoyed the Zoo. After touring the palace, we meet the kids at the zoo and continued on with our adventures.

Mary loved the large python. Adrian enjoyed the bats in the rainforest exhibit. I caught a glimpse of a very large massive tiger. Amazing. They are huge - nothing like our little house cat. Jutta enjoyed the benches. It was a long day. The baby polar bears were fabulous.

Karl left early to head home and make dinner. Jutta, Adrian, Mary and I continued to explore the zoo and the grounds of the palace. It was a long day. We got home, ate a wonderful dinner prepared by Karl and put the kid-o-s in bed.

Tomorrow we plan to go hiking through the vineyards with 2 other families. We will have a total of 7 children ranging in ages from 1 years old to 9 years old. Mary can't wait! We leave early in the morning and will walk to Gompumpoldskirchen where we will eat and relax and enjoy the day.

Schoenbrunn Imperial Palace with Mary, Adrian and Jutta