Saturday, May 3, 2008

Good - Bye

Today was our last day in Austria. We spent it inFeldbach with Jutta's parents Waltraut and Rupert. The kids played in the tree house, fed the fish in the pond, had a campfire and roasted potatoes and ran around like wildcats. Everyone had a great time. Mary was able to feed one goldfish named Nemo from her hand. She sat very still with a piece of fish food in her hand eventually Nemo swam up to Mary's hand and took the food - very fun!

When Mary woke up this morning her front tooth was very loose. She was very happy when it fell out a little before breakfast. She has been giving me that very cute toothless grin all day. It looks as if the second one should be falling out any time now. Hopefully, she will wait until we are back in the states.

We catch out plan tomorrow morning. We have to leave the apartment by 8am and we should be arriving at Dulles at 4:30 in the afternoon. It's been fun Blogging with you. This will be the last post for Mary and Suzie's Grand Adventure! It was grander than we could have imagined! Good-bye and enjoy the day!

Photos from Riegersburg Castle