Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Today we rested. Adrian had music lessons in the early afternoon. We relaxed in the apartment in the morning. Adrian takes recorder lessons at an elderly woman's music studio. She has been teaching children how to play the recorder for years. Mary and I were able to observe for a few minutes before heading to the square. She had 6 students. She taught them the finger positions, the notes and rhythm. The students reviewed from the previous week. They learned something new and rehearsed for their performance in June. They will be performing the Wizard of Oz. Very cool! She also has a puppet stage in her studio and incorporates puppet shows into her music lessons. Amazing woman! She is in her 80's. I think that all the student's in Adrian's class were 6 years old and in kindergarten. In the states - we don't give our students music lesson with instruments until about 3rd grade. After seeing this lesson - Mary wants to play an instrument NOW.

After Adrian's music lesson we headed to a spa in a neighboring town called Baden. The spa was called Romertherme. Check out the virtual tour. The water was fabulous. The pool is very hard to describe. It was large with seats inside the water along the edges. They had timers and periodically different water jets would go off to message your body. The pool was under a glass roof so that you felt like you were outside. Jutta says that it is fun to be there at night when the stars come out. The water in this pool was warm - not chilly in the least. We swam for a long time and then headed to a smaller pool. The second pool you entered from the inside of the building and went through a small doorway that lead outside. The water in this pool was very warm - almost hot. This pool smelled like sulfur. The sulfur is found naturally in the area and has healing powers. (or so they say! ) Isn't that what Beethoven thought? But then he went deaf and mad!

The spa was great. The kids did not want to go home. It was a great way to spend a chilly afternoon.

Tomorrow we are shopping in the morning and then heading to the symphony in Vienna with the kinder in the evening.


Roy said...

Greetings from home (or close to it). You are definitely having a memorable trip. Zoos, mountains, spas, what a good time! Enjoy and have fun.


Suzie said...
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Suzie said...

:) Tonight we head to The Vienna Symphony's annual children's concert.

birdie1936 said...


I can just imagine swimming in the warm waters under the glass dome. It would be heavenly. The "Y" should be opening soon. Yesterday, I had to take an ice cold shower. That wasn't fun!

Love, Mary Ann

Suzie said...

The locker rooms are co-ed! They have private dressing rooms in addition to the benches in front of the lockers. I had to remind myself not to just strip. I wouldn't want to scare anyone half to death!

Kate said...

personally i enjoyed mary's t shirt... "it's not easy being this cute" ..everyone knows she's cute. no need to broadcast it.